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A pice of a history

Posted on1 Year ago
A pice of a history

The fashion of wigs begins with the kings of France. Louis XIII (1601-1643) became prematurely bald, and to conceal it began to wear a wig. By the middle of the century, and especially during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King, wigs were almost a must-have attribute for all European nobles.
At that time they were known in England as the periwigs, which was shortened to wigs after 1675.
Wigs are an expensive accessory to buy and in order to keep them in good shape, you also need to have money. That is why they were a symbol of wealth and power. Because of this display in the time of the French kings by nobles and courtiers, wigs become more and more widespread, often reaching the point of absurdity. Sometimes they were so big that scaffolding was needed on the head to hold the weight of the wig.
Over the years, they have changed quite a lot, moving through different stages of their development, increasingly moving over to patients with alopecia, chemotherapy and thin hair.
More and more of the artificial wig from the time of King Louis XII becomes a true likeness of real hair, reaching to the present day when the innovation called the lacefront (the tulle at the base of the wig on the forehead) changes so much the type of wig that it is impossible to determine whether a person has their own hair or wears a wig.
In recent years, there has also been a tendency to change people's attitudes towards the wig.
Until recently, this fashion accessory during the French kings was used by people who need to hide their hair, but more and more young people are beginning to change their vision by going out in the evening with a wig. Until recently an extremely expensive fashion accessory, now wigs are now available to ladies with less deep pockets. (for prices, as well as for more useful information when choosing a wig -
If you want to be different, just put the wig and Wala. Who is this beautiful lady who looks at me from the mirror ?! :)
Long or short, the wigs of artificial hair no longer yield to those of real human hair. Even more. They are cheaper, with a ready hairstyle still removing it from the box and easy to maintain.
Even models of artificial hair already exist that can be curled and straightened.
Of course, as with any product, the wig has the types, quality of workmanship, hair quality, and so on.
The easiest way to find the low quality of the hair in a wig is to put it near a light source. If you shine brightly in the light - better look for another. Fine artificial fibers imitating human hair shine very little and reflect the light, like human hair. Too shiny wig means low quality. And is the idea with the wig that you look like your real hair?
The cost of the wig also varies both from whether it is from natural or artificial hair and from whether it can be further processed, but also from the actual way of making the wig: hand or machine sewing of the fibers / hair, the presence or absence of lace in the headboard, the quality of the hair, and of course the extent to which the brand of the wig itself is known.
In any case, always consult a specialist or even a friend when you decide to buy a wig.
Whether it's a medical problem and a nutshell for a short time or a long period of time, or wearing a wig as a fashion accessory and filling a woman's need to always be different, consulting a specialist will help you make the right choice.



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